Trina Solar launches all-black 450 W solar modules

With a power conversion efficiency of 22.5%, Trina Solar has created all-black, 450 W solar modules with n-type tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar cells.

For residential use, Trina Solar has unveiled an all-black variant of its Vertex S+ solar modules.

The new NEG9R.25 model, according to the Chinese solar module manufacturer, has a 450 W power output. It has dimensions of 1,762 x 1,134 x 30 mm and a weight of 21 kg.

The front and rear glass components each have a thickness of 1.6 millimeters. They provide a 22.5% power conversion efficiency.

The maker used black cells with narrow busbars, a black frame, and black encapsulation material to create an all-black look.

It said the solar modules are highly resistant to scratches, cracks and other damage-related issues. They are reportedly resistant to the most adverse environmental conditions, such as salt spray, acids, alkalis, high temperatures and humidity.

The modules meet IEC fire protection requirements and have successfully completed the 35 mm hail test. Trina Solar claims that they also have a high mechanical robustness.

They are supposed to be resistant to wind loads of 4,000 Pascals and snow loads of up to 5,400 Pascals.

Trina Solar provides a 30-year performance warranty in addition to a 25-year product guarantee. The modules are said to have low rates of deterioration.

Source Trina Solar 

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