BIO-UV Group and Pinnacle collaborate on ozone water treatment

Pinnacle, based in Florida, is a major provider of ozone technology in North American municipal, aquaculture, and industrial sectors. By incorporating Pinnacle’s advanced ozone technology, BIO-UV Group will boost its ozone product capacity to >30 kg/h, expanding its global market reach significantly. In return, Pinnacle will assist BIO-UV Group in expanding its water treatment solutions throughout North America.

BIO-UV Group, headquartered in France, a leading European provider of chemical-free water treatment disinfection technologies, will promote, manufacture under license, and distribute Pinnacle’s proprietary QUADBLOCK advanced ozone technology in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

This collaboration will also offer system training, installation, and maintenance services as part of its growing “Customer First” aftermarket business program.

Simon Marshall, Deputy General Manager & Head of Group Sales at BIO-UV Group, expressed satisfaction with the partnership with Pinnacle to enhance the global presence of the company’s brand and ozone technology.

The collaboration aligns well with BIO-UV Group’s strategy to provide a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions across various industries.

CEO Laurent Emmanuel Migeon highlighted the strategic partnership with Pinnacle as an ideal match due to shared values and growth aspirations.

The collaboration allows both companies to capitalize on the North American market with minimal investment.

BIO-UV Group’s Triogen ozone range currently targets smaller markets with O3 outputs up to 2kg/h. The QUADBLOCK range will expand this capacity, enabling the company to address larger projects effectively.

Chuck Smith, co-founder and CEO of Pinnacle Ozone Solutions, emphasized that partnering with BIO-UV Group facilitates market expansion into Europe and beyond while enhancing BIO-UV Group’s presence in North America through an extensive sales network. Both companies share a commitment to premium positioning in their respective markets and align in terms of technology and vision.

BIO-UV Group plans to increase production capacity at its triogen plant in the UK to supply Pinnacle products to European, MEA, and APAC markets starting from April 2024. Pinnacle will continue serving the USA, Canada, and Latin American markets.

Source : BIO-UV Group

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