Energy Recovery Secures $15 Million in Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Contracts in India

Energy Recovery has secured contracts worth $15 million to provide its PX® Pressure Exchanger® devices for energy recovery to India’s seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination facilities. The delivery of all orders is slated for 2024.

In total, these facilities will supply more than 670,000 cubic meters of potable water daily to Indian communities.

Facing significant water scarcity, India persists in funding desalination initiatives to enhance its fresh water resources.

Despite housing 18% of the global population, India possesses merely 4% of the world’s water reserves.

Rodney Clemente, Energy Recovery’s Senior Vice President of Water, expressed, “India’s water supply is under multiple threats, including climate change, growing demands from municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors, and the encroachment of seawater into its dwindling groundwater reserves.” He added, “Since our initial large-scale project in 2007, we’ve been aiding India in adopting desalination technologies. Utilizing desalination, India can leverage its extensive shoreline to mitigate these challenges, and integrating the PX in these plants significantly lowers the cost of producing fresh water by cutting energy use and enhancing both operational adaptability and availability.”

The PX by Energy Recovery harnesses the pressure energy typically lost in the SWRO desalination process, thereby boosting system efficiency and reducing both operational expenses and carbon emissions.

The PX is capable of decreasing the energy demands of an SWRO system by up to 60%.

Energy Recovery projects that the PX installation will avert the release of over 300,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually from these projects.

source: Energy Recovery

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