the Revolutionary ElectricPAK™ VFD by Pioneer Pump® for Unmatched Mobile Dewatering Performance!


Pioneer Pump®, a leading brand of Franklin Electric, has introduced the ElectricPAK™ VFD, a packaged variable frequency drive (VFD) solution engineered to withstand the demands of mobile dewatering applications.

With its new SmartPrime™ touchscreen interface, the platform delivers a more intuitive operation experience, setting a new standard in mobile pumping technology.

ElectricPAK™ VFD Built for Durability and Convenience

ElectricPAK™ VFD Built for Durability and Convenience
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The ElectricPAK™ VFD is built on Franklin Electric’s proven experience with electronics, ensuring reliability and performance in the toughest conditions. The VFD platform is available in two portable packages, offering flexibility and convenience for different operational requirements.

The first option allows for mounting the VFD directly onto the pump skid, simplifying transportation and ensuring that the pump, motor, and VFD are always ready for quick setup on any jobsite. ( Read more about different types of water pumps and their application )

Alternatively, the VFD can be mounted on its own standalone skid, offering maximum versatility for use with various pumping systems. ( Read more about pump repair and maintenance )

The standalone skid is designed with a robust metal cage, providing enhanced protection during transport and safeguarding against potential hazards in the field.

Intuitive Operation with SmartPrime™

The ElectricPAK™ VFD’s SmartPrime™ control interface sets a new industry standard in user experience. With its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate graphics, SmartPrime™ offers a streamlined central hub for managing all aspects of operation.

It eliminates the need for complex keypad setup, advanced programming skills, and specialized training, ensuring fast startup and simplified monitoring experience for both experienced and new VFD users.

Mario DeSimone, Pioneer Pump Product Manager, explains the motivation behind the development of the SmartPrime™ control interface:

Mario DeSimone, Pioneer Pump Product Manager, explains the motivation behind the development of the SmartPrime™ control interface:
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“the goal was to optimize motor control for electric-driven surface pumps, even when they’re constantly being moved and re-staged. The system’s new SmartPrime™ control interface has been specifically tailored for temporary pumping installations.

It eliminates the learning curve associated with programming for new VFD users accustomed to working with diesel-driven packages.

Furthermore, the entire system is built to withstand tough field conditions and transportation while delivering optimized performance and durability.”


With its innovative features and rugged design, the ElectricPAK™ VFD represents a significant advancement in mobile pumping technology.

Whether mounted on a pump skid or standalone skid, this platform offers unparalleled convenience and versatility in various mobile dewatering applications.

The SmartPrime™ control interface ensures an intuitive operation experience, eliminating the need for specialized training and programming skills. The ElectricPAK™ VFD is a reliable and efficient solution for any temporary pumping installation.

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