Aganova strengthens its presence in the Middle East with the inauguration of a new office in Dubai

Aganova, a leading technology company specializing in pipeline inspection to prevent water losses, is pleased to announce the inauguration of its new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This strategic move signifies a significant milestone for Aganova, as it solidifies its presence in the region and reinforces its dedication to enhancing water efficiency and sustainability in one of the world’s driest areas.

Enhanced engineering and pipeline inspection services framework within the region

The establishment of the new office will allow Aganova to be in closer proximity to its clientele in the Middle East and swiftly address the specific requirements of the market with innovative and sustainable solutions.

With a wealth of experience in the region, Aganova has executed projects in both the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, collaborating closely with major water management organizations.

These endeavors have showcased the effectiveness of Aganova’s technology in identifying critical infrastructure issues, garnering significant interest from key industry stakeholders.

A notable instance was the project carried out in collaboration with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), where the Nautilus system – Aganova’s in-line technology capable of traversing pipes autonomously – was utilized to inspect their pipeline network and gather data on potential anomalies and incidents within the system. This initiative not only conserved millions of liters of water but also boosted the emirate’s production and operational efficiency.

In light of this recent accomplishment, Aganova’s CEO, Agustín Ramírez, underscores the importance of this venture in the Middle East, emphasizing their aim to directly cater to one of the company’s most significant markets.

Ramírez highlights the dynamism of this market, characterized by continual growth in water infrastructure and a strong emphasis on preventive maintenance.

He also underscores the cultural value of water in the region, where scarcity and the high expense of desalinated water underscore the critical role of Aganova’s technology in water conservation and recovery efforts.

Aligned with its mission to contribute to global water conservation efforts, Aganova is committed to making its pipe condition assessment solutions accessible to all utilities, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding the management of their hydraulic infrastructure.

Through the establishment of its Dubai office, Aganova reaffirms its dedication to excellence and innovation in sustainable water management practices in the Middle East.

Source : Aganova

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