Vortex Energy’s $123M Investment drives 110 MW Renewable Energy Expansion in Poland

Vortex Energy, Poland’s leading renewable energy firm, has begun work on a portfolio of projects totaling 53 MW of onshore wind and 57 MW of PV solar. The total equity commitment for these projects is roughly $123 million. This major investment is consistent with Vitol’s plan to invest $1 billion in renewable energy in Poland over the next five years, after its acquisition of Vortex Energy in January 2023.

The completion of these projects by 2024/2025 marks a watershed moment in the growth of Poland’s renewable energy sector and the country’s objective of being carbon neutral.

Once operational, the completed PV and wind projects will provide roughly 180 GWh of energy per year, enough to cover the needs of 93,000 families and reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 126,000 tonnes.

Vortex Energy’s experienced commercial and technical team will oversee the construction, working with contract partners Nomad Electric and Nordex. Nomad Electric will handle the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the PV solar portfolio, while Nordex will supply turbines for onshore wind projects. P&Q will supply the balance of plant (BoP) contract for the delivery of the onshore wind projects at Jastrowie and Okonek, with a combined capacity of 53 MW.

Vortex Energy has a solid track record of providing renewable energy capacity in Poland, having completed over 450 MW of wind and solar projects to date. The company also has a significant development pipeline, including over 3 GW of wind and solar, as well as 2 GW of battery energy storage. This latest construction milestone demonstrates Vortex Energy’s commitment to becoming a premier independent power producer (IPP) in Poland and throughout Europe.

Justine Ryan, Vitol’s Head of Renewables EMEA, emphasised the importance of renewable energy in Europe’s decarbonisation goal and expressed confidence in Vortex’s capacity to help reduce emissions and improve energy security.Maciej Peplinski, CEO of Vortex Energy, hailed the strategic shift in the company’s business model as a new chapter in its history, positioning Vortex as a key player in Poland’s transition towards a secure and sustainable energy future.

Source: Vortex Energy

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