Veolia Water Technologies expands mobile water services capabilities in Malaysia.

In an effort to enhance its assistance to clients in the area, Veolia Water Technologies, a division of Veolia specializing in water treatment technologies and services, reveals the introduction of three new mobile assets stationed at Veolia’s Mobile Water Services (MWS) depot in Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

These new mobile water treatment assets, consisting of two reverse osmosis (RO) systems and an Orion unit, will expand Veolia’s mobile water treatment capabilities by more than 50%.

By processing larger volumes of water in shorter timeframes, the company’s customers can maintain optimal production levels while ensuring the quality and quantity of their process water.

The mobile RO systems, known as MORO-4x25C, have the capacity to treat and produce up to 100m3/hr of water in single pass treatment and 50m3/hr for double pass, in contrast to the existing MORO25C units, which handle a production rate of 25m3/hr.

Additionally, the mobile Orion 6000S raises the standards for water purity in pharmaceutical applications. Capable of generating up to 10m3/hr of mobile purified water, in addition to the existing Orion 4000S unit, the new Orion unit is reportedly the only mobile system that meets global pharmacopeia standards and exceeds pharmaceutical process requirements. It can also be configured with an ultrafiltration (UF) polisher to provide cold water for injection (WFI).

Veolia’s MWS depot will function as a central hub for asset maintenance, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), commissioning, and internal training. By consolidating Veolia’s assets from various locations into this centralized facility, assets can be deployed to reach customers during emergencies.

This initiative accelerates asset deployment for customers across Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, enhancing water resilience and ensuring uninterrupted business operations for manufacturing facilities throughout the region.

Florent Puybaret, MWS Asia-Pacific lead, remarked, “The capabilities of the MORO and Orion systems underscore our commitment to enhancing resilience and business continuity for our clients in the region.”

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

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