ASTERRA and SUEZ announce five-year contract for water and wastewater partnership.

ASTERRA and SUEZ have publicized a new contract for a water and wastewater collaboration. This signifies a continuation of their strategic partnerships spanning the past eight years.

Officially confirmed last month in Maidenhead, England, the collaboration between these two industry leaders encompasses the deployment of ASTERRA Recover and Wastewater solutions, benefiting the entire UK.

The contract proactively addresses numerous pressing water challenges in the UK, including drought, escalating water insecurity, and significant wastewater pollution incidents.

Since 2017, SUEZ and ASTERRA have cooperated to cater to nearly every water utility in the UK, successfully pinpointing tens of thousands of leaks. Their combined endeavors have already conserved 196 million cubic meters of water, reduced carbon emissions by 23,128 metric tons, and saved 90,160 MWH of energy within the UK.

“We are excited to collaborate with SUEZ as they take another substantial stride towards resolving the most critical issues related to leakage and wastewater pollution in the UK,” remarked Gadi Kovarsky, general manager of the water division at ASTERRA. “This underscores our shared dedication to sustainability, as well as the similar commitment of the UK water utilities we serve. It also positively and equitably impacts every individual.”

Up to now, the focus has been on aiding water companies in detecting clean water leaks. Presently, the utilities are also addressing pollution and other wastewater-related challenges.

Vigilant monitoring of wastewater networks is crucial for safeguarding water resources, environmental protection, and compliance with regulations.

ASTERRA’s solutions, including the EO Discover platform, facilitate real-time, continuous, and precise water, infrastructure, and wastewater monitoring.

Mitch Donnelly, managing director for SUEZ Digital Solutions in the UK, stated, “This new agreement is founded on a strong, collaborative framework that assists UK water companies in confronting the challenges of water scarcity and wastewater pollution. It represents a model partnership that enables us to introduce innovation and advanced technology into a well-established water industry. We eagerly anticipate the ongoing growth and development of our relationship in the years to come.”

Source :Suez 

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