Saudi Arabia Establishes the Saudi Water Authority by Transforming the SWCC, Aimed at Strengthening Water Security

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the creation of the Saudi Water Authority (SWA), a move that will enhance the nation’s water sector by transforming the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and implementing new organizational structures.

This development, revealed in a recent Cabinet session, represents a major step in improving water management and fostering innovation, aligning with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

The responsibilities of SWA include the oversight and advancement of water-related enterprises and services, as well as managing the water system to promote sustainability and support the National Water Strategy.

The authority is set to lead strategic planning for the country’s water resources, initiating measures to improve performance and encourage the localization of industry and services, which will increase the proportion of domestic content.

The SWA is charged with the regulation and growth of water-centric businesses and services, and with managing the water system to enhance sustainability and uphold the National Water Strategy.

His Excellency Engineer Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al Fadley, Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture and Chairman of SWA, highlighted the significance of this decision in advancing the water sector.

He stressed the importance of utilizing SWCC’s capabilities in research, innovation, and localization to strengthen water security, in harmony with the country’s developmental and economic goals.

His Excellency Engineer Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Abdulkarim, President of SWA, celebrated the Cabinet’s endorsement as a pivotal moment in the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s water sector.

This change represents a significant shift for the SWCC, which was founded more than fifty years ago, and it emphasizes the dedication to realizing the full potential of the sector.

Al Abdulkarim detailed the strategic aims of SWA, which include refining regulatory frameworks, enhancing the efficiency of the water supply chain, and encouraging innovation to generate employment and raise professional standards.

SWA is committed to boosting the water sector’s role in the economic growth of Saudi Arabia, increasing engagement with the private sector, and adhering to international benchmarks to establish its leadership in water solutions.

Al Abdulkarim reaffirmed SWA’s commitment to promoting the Kingdom’s leadership in the water sector, utilizing technology, and managing water resources responsibly to achieve the aspirations set forth in Saudi Vision 2030.

Source: SWCC

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