Casa dos Ventos is adding hybrid solar-wind projects in Bahia, Brazil to its renewable portfolio.

Casa dos Ventos, a leading developer in Brazil, has announced its intention to start building two solar projects with a combined capacity of 300 MW by the end of the year.

These projects will be connected to two existing wind farms in Bahia.

The solar initiatives, known as Solar Babilônia Centro and Solar Babilônia Sul, will be linked to the already operational 360 MW Babilônia Sul project and the 553 MW Babilônia Centro project, which is currently being constructed.

During the Greener 2024 Summit in São Paulo, Guilherme Castro, the Director of Solar Development Engineering at Casa dos Ventos, revealed the company’s strategic plan.

Castro emphasized the innovative strategy of integrating solar and wind assets, with a focus on optimizing solar connections in areas that are conducive to wind energy production.

Historically, solar assets have not been located in optimal wind regions.

However, Casa dos Ventos plans to utilize current wind infrastructure to improve total energy production.

Castro stressed the significance of appropriately sizing hybrid plants and the necessity to thoroughly evaluate the potential for reduced generation, as output is constrained by contracted transportation capacity.

Despite the possibility of spills caused by capacity constraints, Castro remains hopeful about the efficiency of hybrid plants.

He points to engineering advancements and the potential use of battery storage to address issues with intermittent power supply.

Casa dos Ventos has been preparing for hybridization since 2015 by installing solar measurement towers in its wind farms.

Despite challenges like shading from wind turbines, the company is dedicated to improving the performance of hybrid plants.

The choice to include solar projects reflects Casa dos Ventos’ dedication to innovation and sustainable energy development in Brazil’s changing energy sector.

Source: Casa dos Ventos

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