Everything About Water Expo 2023


One of the most distinctive & extensive annual events in India displaying the most recent innovations & solutions in the water sector is the 18th Everything About Water Expo 2023.

This is an ideal entry point for global stakeholders to enter the enormous and dynamic ecosystem of the Indian water and waste management industry to share business prospects, network, and discover cutting-edge water solutions.

It is also known as South Asia’s largest water event in recent years.

India is anticipated to experience significant water constraints by 2025 due to rising water usage in agriculture and potable regions.

Both the Central and State governments are extremely concerned about the widening imbalance between water demand and supply brought on by rapid industrialization and rising population.

The 18th EverythingAboutWater Expo in 2023 will provide unmatched business possibilities for national and international water industry companies to learn about and research future trends in the Indian water market.


South Asia’s largest water & wastewater event

Over 200 exhibitors & 1,00,000 sq ft of exhibition space

3-day international conference on water & wastewater management.


New Delhi, India


24-26 August 2023

Source: eawaterexpo

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