Engie connects solar mini-grid in Benin

The company’s broader initiative in Benin includes the installation of a mini-grid that will provide electricity to over 1,500 residents.

This is part of a larger plan to establish more than 20 mini-grids across the country, ultimately serving over 30,000 people in 20 rural areas with a combined capacity of 1.2 MW.

Engie Energy Access, a division of the French energy company Engie, has launched its initial mini-grid in Dohouè, a village located in the southern region of Benin.

The Dohouè MySol Grid is fueled by 135 kW of solar panels and backed by 130 kWh of Lithium-ion batteries.

It provides sustainable energy solutions to over 1,500 residents and businesses.

Engie Energy Access has obtained a 20-year license agreement for the project in collaboration with the Beninese Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management.

Gillian-Alexandre Huart, Engie Energy Access CEO, said the company’s solar home systems and mini-grids in Benin “enable a cost-effective and adaptable multi-technological approach”.

“Therefore, we can meet the various urgent needs of residential, communal, and productive users living outside the national grid.

” He added. “We are committed to making clean energy technologies accessible to low-income households, promoting inclusivity and empowerment within each member of the communities we serve.”

The project is a part of a larger initiative where Engie Energy Access will build and manage an additional 20 mini-grids in various locations in Benin.

These mini-grids will be funded by the Millennium Challenge Account – Benin II program as a part of the Off-grid Clean Energy Facility, and are expected to provide a total of 1.2 MW of installed capacity, benefiting over 30,000 people in 20 rural areas.

Benin currently has 28 MW of installed solar capacity, as reported by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Additionally, last year, Toyota Tsusho, a Japanese developer, revealed its intentions to construct a 25 MW solar plant in the country.

Source Engie

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