Dubai municipality unveils smart marine scraper for water pollution control

Dubai Municipality has introduced its newest environmental advancement, the intelligent marine scraper, as part of its ongoing efforts towards sustainability, according to the Government of Dubai Media Office.

Developed locally by Emirati talents in partnership with Al Khattal Boat Factory, this state-of-the-art scraper is designed to gather floating waste from Dubai’s creeks and water canals.

Operated remotely, the scraper has an impressive range and real-time monitoring capabilities thanks to satellite technology.

Utilizing 5G networks, it performs precise maneuvers to efficiently collect waste.

Its advanced systems include an intelligent survey system for identifying waste sites and an external environment system to enhance safety by avoiding collisions.

With the ability to collect and transfer 1,000 kilograms of floating waste, the smart scraper significantly increases productivity.

This initiative demonstrates Dubai Municipality’s commitment to technological innovation and its dedication to improving municipal operations and environmental sustainability.

The Municipality’s focus on comprehensive waste management and environmental conservation aligns with its objectives of preserving Dubai’s attractiveness and quality of life.

A dedicated team, consisting of marine captains, workers, sailors, and vehicles, is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of water canals and creeks, covering a substantial stretch of 35 kilometers.

They carry out daily cleaning operations and maintain continuous monitoring to effectively combat marine pollution.

Source  Dubai Municipality 

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