DEVELON Launches New Mini-Excavators: DX17Z-7 and DX19-7.

DEVELON, previously known as Doosan Construction Equipment, has unveiled the latest DX17Z-7 zero tail swing and DX19-7 conventional mini-excavators compliant with Stage V regulations. These new models offer significantly enhanced performance, versatility, operator comfort, and simplified maintenance compared to their predecessors.

Both the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 are driven by the Kubota D902 Stage V compliant diesel engine, delivering a 20% higher gross power output of 12.1 kW (16.2 HP) at 2400 RPM. The engine boasts a 25% larger displacement and a 29% increase in torque to 54.6 Nm at 1900 RPM, ensuring heightened overall reliability and reduced strain on the engine and associated components.

Innovative and sturdy upper structures

Sporting the fresh shared global design for the upcoming Develon mini-excavator series, the unique platform layout and new upper structures in the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 offer enhanced durability and resilience. With their compact dimensions, both machines are well-suited for operations in restricted spaces across construction, landscaping, and utility projects.

Both the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 feature a standard 1.75 m boom and 1.03 m arm, with the option for an extended 1.23 m arm on both models. The DX17Z-7 comes with a standard cast 180 kg counterweight along with an additional 85 kg counterweight for use with the optional longer arm.

The tail swing radius in the DX17Z-7 has been reduced by 6.5% to just 645 mm compared to the previous model. When utilizing the extra 85 kg counterweight, the tail swing radius increases to 720 mm. The standard and extended arm versions of the DX19-7 incorporate an integral 65 kg cast counterweight.

Cylinder guards shield the front assembly in both the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 to prevent collisions or potential damage, with an optimized hydraulic hose layout running through and safeguarded by the boom structure. This setup minimizes the risk of hose damage and failure, reducing the need for repairs and downtime while boosting equipment productivity and efficiency.

Adaptable Hydraulics

Standard one- and two-way proportional flow control is provided with easy access to the selection valve. Flow control is conveniently managed via a thumbwheel on the right-hand joystick, offering improved flow regulation and enhanced operator convenience.

With quick coupler piping pre-installed on both models, operators can seamlessly switch to quick coupler usage by pressing a safety button on the left console – triggering a warning message on the 5-inch digital display in the cab for operator notification. Subsequently, the operator can initiate quick coupler operations by simply pressing a button on the right-hand joystick.

Both the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 are equipped with retractable 230 mm tracks, allowing for automatic adjustment of track width from 1290 mm to 994 mm. Additionally, both machines feature a foldable blade, enabling operators to modify the width and dimensions of the mini-excavators for navigating through narrow spaces. Operators can evenly distribute weight by adjusting the track width, reducing ground pressure and enhancing stability during digging or lifting activities. The retractable tracks also facilitate ease of transportation.

The DX17Z-7 is offered as a canopy machine, while the DX19-7 is available with either a canopy or a cab. Both machines share a standardized setup for joystick and switch controls:

Left-hand console controls

– Left-hand joystick for swing and arm movements
– Quick coupler switch
– Engine speed control lever
– Work light switch

Right-hand console controls

– Right-hand joystick controlling horn, breaker switch, thumbwheel for hydraulic functions, and quick coupler switch
– Blade control lever
– Track retraction/extension switch
– Travel alarm switch
– Rotating beacon switch
– 12V socket

To enhance operator control, the Travel Speed Switch is integrated with the travel control levers for swift speed adjustments and improved manageability. The travel speed pilot lamp illuminates on the 5-inch digital display to signal engagement to the operator.

Replacing the basic gauge panel in previous models, the new 5-inch Digital Display showcases essential operator information and safety features, including warning indicators for machine issues accompanied by a buzzer alert. Maintenance schedules can be monitored on the display, facilitating proactive maintenance to reduce downtime and repair expenses.

The cab variant of the DX19-7 is equipped with a radio for operator entertainment and comfort. Standard in the DX19-7 cab is a heater with air circulation through three vents, ensuring optimal conditions for operators in cold weather and extending the operational season.

Operating with the door closed prevents noise and dust infiltration, while a rapid defrost system maintains clear visibility for a safer work environment and prevents temperature-related issues like moisture buildup. The heater switch, located on the right side of the console, offers two fan speed settings: Low and High.

Both models come with a standard mechanical suspension seat that can be adjusted to accommodate varying operator body shapes and sizes.

LED lights and a rotating beacon are standard features on both models, enhancing visibility for operators and alerting others on site for a secure working environment in all lighting conditions. The DX17Z-7 includes an LED lamp on the boom, while the DX19-7 features a boom light (in both canopy and cab versions) and an additional light on the top rear section of the cab in the cabbed variant.


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