Thames Water Implements iDMS, Binnies, and Rezatec’s Satellite-Powered Intelligent Dam Monitoring System.

Thames Water has entered into an agreement to subscribe to the Binnies iDMS tool, a solution that merges Binnies’ reservoir expertise and digital ecosystem services with Rezatec’s innovative geospatial artificial intelligence methods to oversee critical reservoir infrastructure.

The system allows user(s) to monitor the entire dam for movement and vegetation moisture/vigour, a capability not achieved through crest levelling. It pinpoints areas of change, offering crucial insights for dam safety.

Thames Water is currently testing the iDMS system at the Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir in London. By blending historical satellite data with advanced analytics using Binnies’ technical proficiency, the tool identifies the unique baseline rhythm of a dam.

It tracks future dam movement and flags any abnormal changes that could indicate potential issues. This remote and scalable solution operates with millimetre precision, detecting additional indicators of potential failure, such as alterations in vegetation moisture and vigour suggesting seepage.

“We are excited to embrace innovative technologies that empower us to proactively manage our assets. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Binnies and Rezatec on this initiative,” remarked Werner Delport, Senior Reservoir Engineer at Thames Water.

The satellite-generated datasets offer a fresh perspective, valuable insights, and enhanced resilience to reservoir asset health monitoring, setting a new industry standard. The data will aid in establishing a more detailed risk profile for the reservoir, potentially guiding future investment prioritization and targeted operational enhancements to bolster reservoir safety.

“We are thrilled to have Thames onboard for this cutting-edge technology through our iDMS product,” noted Matthew Coombs, Reservoir Delivery Director and Supervising Engineer under the Reservoirs Act at Binnies. “We eagerly await the data analysis, particularly given the large scale of the non-impounding reservoir in question. This will provide the reservoir industry with invaluable information and a deeper comprehension of routine dam movement and potential anomalies that could signal future dam safety incidents.”

“We are pleased to offer our advanced technology, at the forefront of innovation, to Thames Water. iDMS equips our customers with fresh insights, enhancing visibility of their reservoir assets and aiding in making informed risk-based decisions,” stated Camilla Braithwaite, Head of Product and Customer at Rezatec.

iDMS forms part of Binnies’ digital operational intelligence platform – HELIX – delivering comprehensive asset lifecycle insights to enhance service delivery. Central to this capability is its function as an integrated ecosystem, leveraging datasets from various sources and partners like Rezatec to ensure holistic asset management and future-proofing of available technologies.

Source :Thames Water

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