Citizen Solar launches a 590 W TOPCon bifacial module boasting an efficiency of 22.84%

Citizen Solar, a company based in Gujarat, has introduced a new series of solar modules utilizing n-type tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPcon) technology. These modules are available in various configurations, offering power outputs ranging from 570 W to 590 W and efficiencies between 20.07% and 22.84%.

They are constructed using 144 half-cut solar cells with 16 busbars. The temperature coefficient is -0.29% per C. With an open-circuit voltage ranging from 52.1 V to 52.9 V and a short-circuit current between 13.83 A and 14.07 A, these modules have a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V. Measuring 2,278 mm x 1,134 mm x 35 mm and weighing 28 kg, they come equipped with an IP68-rated split junction box featuring three bypass diodes.

The operating temperature range is from -40 C to 85 C.

Source: Citizen Solar

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