Iberdrola consortium wins rights for 375MW Japanese wind farm

For the construction of a 375 MW offshore wind farm, Japan has chosen a consortium consisting of Iberdrola Renewables Japan, Japan Renewable Energy, and Tohoku Electric Power.

The business operator for the consortium, GK Happo Nioshiro Offshore Wind, was selected by the Ministers of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism as well as the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan.

A fixed-bottom offshore wind farm with 25 monopile-foundation turbines, each with a 15MW capacity, will be a component of the project.

In Akita Prefecture, these turbines will be erected offshore Happo Town and Noshiro City. Vestas, a Danish maker of turbines, will provide the units.

In a joint statement, the companies said: “The operating company will take into consideration and carry out measures to ensure mutual prosperity with the regional community through close communication with local stakeholders, and contribute to the realisation of a carbon neutral society in 2050 by providing a large-scale stable supply of clean energy through offshore wind power for the coming generations.”

The project will foster regional expansion and the growth of Japan’s offshore wind industry during a 30-year exclusive occupancy period, including the creation of a local supply chain.

Akita Bank will collaborate with nearby businesses to implement initiatives for regional development.

The earnings of Spanish utility Iberdrola increased 9% year over year to €14 billion, with a net profit of €4.8 billion ($5.19 billion) in 2023, up over 10% from 2022.

Source Iberdrola 

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