FRV and Harmony Energy have initiated a 99MW/198MWh BESS project in the UK

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) and Harmony Energy, both part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, have successfully activated the Clay Tye battery energy storage system (BESS) in Essex, UK, with a capacity of 99MW/198MWh. This BESS, one of the largest operational projects in Europe, has the capability to supply electricity to 300,000 households for two hours.

Installed at the Clay Tye site are 52 Tesla Megapack Li-ion batteries along with Tesla’s Autobidder AI software, facilitating energy capacity sharing and project management improvement. These batteries are linked to the UK Power Networks distribution network, allowing for renewable energy storage and flexibility enhancement during peak demand periods.

FRV’s Chief Innovation Officer, Felipe Hernández, emphasized the significance of Clay Tye in their strategy to expand in the UK energy storage market. He highlighted that this BESS reinforces their business model’s long-term sustainability and solidifies their position as market leaders. FRV is progressing with future assets in the UK that are currently operational, under construction, or in development.

Clay Tye comes after the successful implementation of other FRV and Harmony Energy storage projects like Contego in West Sussex, UK, with a capacity of 34MW/68MWh, and Holes Bay with a capacity of 7.5MW/15MWh.

FRV finalized financial arrangements for the Clay Tye and Contego projects in January 2023, securing a funding package of £61m ($76.79m) from Natixis CIB UK, which covers 60% of the total project expenses. Additionally, the company obtained debt service reserve facilities and a VAT facility.

Source: Harmony Energy

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