Aerocompact releases new portrait mounting system

The SN2 Q PLUS solar mounting system, created by Austrian manufacturer Aerocompact, can accommodate PV modules up to 1,310 mm x 2,500 mm in size. Its installation angle ranges from five to ten degrees.

A new version of the Compactflat SN2 mounting system from Aerocompact allows solar modules to be placed in a portrait orientation.

SN2 Q PLUS is a flat-roof system that runs on rails. Solar panels with dimensions of 950 mm to 1,310 mm x 1,550 mm to 2,500 mm can be installed using it.

“With SN2 Q PLUS, we are creating even more flexibility for flat roof installations,” Albert Vonbun, the company’s head of global product management, said in a statement. “Our Compactflat SN2 system can now be installed in a total of 21 variants.”

The datasheet for the product states that the installation angle of the portrait mounting system is between 5 and 10 degrees. It can bear wind loads of up to 2.4 kN/m2 and snow loads of up to 5,4 kN/m2 and can be used on bitumen, concrete, foil, or gravel roofs.

“The racking manufacturer offers specially developed lightning protection clamps and system-integrated fall protection as an option for the mounting system,” the company said. “We provide a 25-year product guarantee.”

Aerocompact also said that the load bearing connecting parts and module clamps are made from EN AW−6063 T66 aluminum.

The screws are made of A2−70 stainless steel, while the cross struts, wind deflectors, and ballast trays are made of steel with a protective anti-corrosion coating. The building protection mat is made of polyester fleece.

Source Aerocompact

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