First use of the innovative electrolyzer applied to a hard-to-abate sector, in the context of a European Horizon 2020 project

The European Union has allocated over 3.3 million euros to the HyTecHeat (Hybrid Technologies for Sustainable Steel Reheating) project, which is a component of the “Horizon Europe” program.

In the project, the Dragonfly® system will be used in the energy-intensive steel production processes, which have a significant environmental impact.

In an increasingly virtuous hybridization of the two resources, the objective is to lessen this impact in the heat treatment and heating phases, which are still solely reliant on natural gas, by increasing the percentage of low-carbon hydrogen utilized in these processes.

This is the first application for the cutting-edge Dragonfly® electrolyzer, a product that De Nora created as a logical extension of its extensive knowledge in electrode design and manufacturing.

The utilization of De Nora’s DSA® electrodes, which ensure optimal efficiency, enables this innovative product to function at a high level.

Specifically, because the electrolyzer is a small unit that is installed at the end user’s facility, it can meet the needs of a variety of industries that require on-site hydrogen generation, including the chemical, pharmaceutical, biogas, oleochemical, and refinery industries.

The technology is now being utilized for the first time in a project of European importance. It has been in testing at an industrial site for more than a year and has already received the necessary operating certifications.

This best-case demonstration will be hosted by Tenova, a global pioneer in technology for the mining and metallurgical industries, in collaboration with Snam, which will manage the hydrogen storage system.

Source De Nora

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