Veolia awarded Europe’s largest water management 12-year contract by SEDIF.

The Greater Paris Water Authority (SEDIF) has chosen Veolia (Paris:VIE) to manage its public drinking water service from 2025 to 2036, deeming their proposal the most suitable after a vote on January 25 following the tender process. This 12-year contract, valued at 4 billion euros, involves providing water to 4 million residents across 132 municipalities in the Paris Region.

Veolia has dedicated its top resources to meet SEDIF’s strict requirements and ambitious goals in four key areas:

1. Ensuring optimal water quality for public health.
2. Implementing an environmentally friendly water service.
3. Maintaining affordable water prices for users.
4. Enhancing governance through collaborative management with the contracting authority.

Veolia’s CEO, Estelle Brachlianoff, states, “Our mission aligns perfectly with SEDIF’s aspirations: advancing human progress in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our proposal for the Paris region incorporates numerous innovations and is unparalleled in terms of quality and affordability. Working alongside SEDIF, we aim to transform the water industry with our shared vision and values.”

This signature indicates that SEDIF has fully acknowledged Veolia’s efforts in meeting its requirements in the most effective manner possible, with close to 150 significant innovations, including 10 world-firsts. Leveraging its global expertise, the Group has developed the optimal solution tailored to SEDIF’s needs:

– Ensuring unmatched water quality to safeguard the population by proactively addressing future quality standards for micropollutants, endocrine disruptors, drug residues, chlorine, and limescale for the forthcoming decades, through a combination of low-pressure reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technologies.

– Providing a personalized, considerate, and community-oriented water service of tomorrow, utilizing advanced digital and artificial intelligence technologies to engage with communities and deliver customized services to various customer segments: condominiums, individual residences, and businesses.

– Implementing an adaptable water service that considers climate change and the imperative of preserving water resources, aiming for a network efficiency rate exceeding 93%, resulting in less than 7% network losses. This represents an unprecedented goal for an underground network spanning 8,000 kilometers, equivalent to the distance between Paris and Beijing.

– The expansion of the “Club des Grands Services d’Eau du monde” to 25 cities further contributes to SEDIF’s innovation strategy.

Veolia has collaborated with top-tier partners who have contributed their expertise in engineering, construction, and architectural design to craft their offerings, including OTV for future membrane process design, engineering firms Merlin and Egis, construction and civil engineering companies Eiffage and Chantiers Modernes, as well as architecture firms MVRDV and Lelli.

Source :Veolia

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