Thames Water to earmark £400 million to future-proof London’s water supply.

Thames Water is poised to enhance two water treatment facilities in London to ensure the ongoing delivery of a reliable and high-quality drinking water supply for customers throughout the capital.

During Price Review 19 (PR19), the industry regulator Ofwat allocated funds for Thames Water to assess resilience risks and determine necessary solutions to enhance London’s water supply, contingent on Thames meeting detailed investment reviews with Ofwat.

Having reached an agreement on the investment requirements with Ofwat, Thames Water will proceed with multiple initiatives at Coppermills and Hampton to bolster the resilience of the water supply network.

The planned enhancements at Coppermills and Hampton water treatment works will involve the replacement of aging infrastructure and the establishment of new treatment capabilities, thereby establishing a robust water supply for future generations.

Esther Sharples, Chief Operating Officer at Thames Water, stated:

“London operates around the clock, and it is our responsibility to ensure customers have a dependable water supply at all times. It is crucial for us to enhance resilience and invest in major infrastructure to address upcoming challenges.

“As London’s population grows and we face hotter and drier summers, the demand for water continues to rise. Investing in the condition of our assets is fundamental to our ongoing transformation, and our planned upgrades will result in improved water security for millions of Londoners.”

Thames Water will provide regular progress updates to Ofwat regarding the achievement of key project milestones.

Source :Thames Water

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