Thames Water initiates a £20 million project to safeguard the water supply in East London.

Outside Mile End tube station in London, the UK’s largest water company has commenced work to modernize original Victorian water pipes for the 21st century. The £20 million initiative includes a 12-week lane closure on Mile End Road to replace 962 meters of aged pipe.

Additionally, Thames Water will upgrade 391 meters of mains pipe on Burdett Road, with the project scheduled in phases from March 2024 to 2026.

Martin Padley, London Water Director at Thames Water, emphasized the importance of enhancing the city’s water infrastructure to address leaks and cater to the growing population.

He highlighted the necessity of safeguarding the water supply amidst projections of London’s population reaching 12 million by 2050 and an increase in extreme weather events across the UK.

Given that a significant portion of leaks occur underground, Thames Water is investing in advanced technology, including AI, to detect leaks proactively before they become visible.

The company is also deploying an additional 33,000 smart meters in London to provide near-real time readings, aiding in the prompt identification of leaks on customers’ premises.

Source : Thames Water

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