SUEZ and Vodafone Collaborate for Remote Monitoring of Next-Generation Smart Water Meters.

SUEZ, a prominent provider of circular and digital solutions for water and waste services, and Vodafone, a leading global provider of communication technologies and services, have teamed up to expedite the worldwide deployment of remote water meter-reading through Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) communication networks. The objective is to implement over 2 million NB-IoT meters by 2030.

Remote reading of intelligent water meters plays a vital role in curbing water consumption, reducing usage by up to 15% through leak detection and usage monitoring.

For remote reading to be fully effective, it requires a robust communication network with extensive coverage and a 15-year battery life. NB-IoT, a streamlined version of 4G, meets these specific criteria, consuming less energy and effectively connecting with smart water meters in underground or insulated locations.

Vodafone is at the forefront of deploying NB-IoT cellular technology and is an international service provider, partnering with SUEZ, a leading provider of smart water meters with 6 million units deployed globally.

The global partnership launched with Vodafone enhances the service provided by SUEZ, enabling the delivery of a comprehensive and adaptable service to all customers worldwide.

NB-IoT technology complements SUEZ’s offerings, allowing it to support its customers more effectively. SUEZ has chosen the UK as the initial market for the SUEZ-Vodafone service, with plans to gradually introduce the service for SUEZ customers in France, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand.

Patricia Villoslada, SVP SUEZ Digital Solutions, stated, “The global partnership launched today with Vodafone enhances the service we offer, allowing us to provide all our customers worldwide with a comprehensive and agile service that adds a great deal of value in both technical and economic terms. Our SUEZ-Vodafone solution makes full use of NB-IoT’s potential in terms of meeting network performance requirements and reducing water consumption.”

Giorgio Migliarina, Interim CEO of Vodafone Business, commented, “Vodafone is a pioneer and leader in connecting IoT-enabled sensors, for monitoring water quality and consumption to warning citizens of impending earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires. Our global partnership with SUEZ, a leader in the field of intelligent smart water meter reading, strengthens our position in this growing and important market.”

Source :SUEZ

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