Sonnenkraft unveils 400 W TOPCon panel for terracotta red rooftops

Sonnenkraft, an Austrian manufacturer, has created a terracotta glass-glass module that seamlessly integrates with tiled roofs, providing an efficiency rating of 20.02%.

A new glass-glass panel made by Austrian PV module manufacturer Sonnenkraft is intended to be integrated onto red tile rooftops.

Because of its terracotta red hue, the “made in Austria” module can be incorporated into building facades or rooftops.

“The panel can also be used in those buildings where official requirements prevent the use of conventional modules,” the company said in a statement.

108 half-cut monocrystalline tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar cells serve as the foundation for the HC Alpin terracotta module.

It weighs 26.0 kg and has dimensions of 1,748 mm by 1,143 mm by 40 mm.

The power conversion efficiency of the 400 W product is 20.02%. It has a short circuit current of 13.96 A and an open circuit voltage of 38.50 V.

A maximum system voltage of 1,000 V can be used to run it.

It has modest encapsulation losses and a temperature coefficient of -0.32% per degree Celsius, according to the manufacturer.

There is a 25-year performance warranty in addition to a 15-year product warranty.

“It ensures that monument protection and sustainable energy production go hand in hand,” said Peter Prasser, managing director of Sonnenkraft.

“The terracotta module is also the perfect solution for design-savvy customers with red-tiled roofs.”

Source Sonnenkraft

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