SMART FLOW ARK: a platform to transform water management for cost reduction and sustainability

The SMART FLOW ARK is a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for thorough water monitoring in commercial buildings from SMART FLOW, a pioneer in water management systems.

designed to provide businesses with the 24/7 Human intervention specialists from SMART FLOW they need to regulate water usage cost-effectively and increase sustainability.

Water management is revolutionized by the SMART FLOW ARK in a variety of industries, including industry, care facilities, real estate, and hospitality.

Water management and cost reduction are now major concerns in most industries

Businesses struggle to efficiently manage and reduce water usage as water costs grow and sustainability takes on more significance.

Utilizing market-leading technology and solutions from SMART FLOW, the SMART FLOW ARK tackles these problems by lowering water hazards, boosting sustainability initiatives, and generating cost savings.

According to Dave Hogan, CEO of SMART FLOW, “effectively managing water in any premises can be a challenge, especially when you realize how much businesses pay for water.

” “We have informed our customers of more than 8,500 water-related problems and leaks so far this year, saving our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds in direct costs, not to mention the wider impact of carbon emissions and the potential damage that would have occurred without timely notification.”

Over 50% of all commercial real estate insurance claims involve water damage, and due to inflation, the cost of repairs from water leaks has gone up over 30% in the last year.

By proactively identifying water leaks, human error, and excessive water usage, the SMART FLOW ARK assists organizations in preventing asset damage from plumbing-related issues and lowering financial risks.

SMART FLOW ARK: Comprehensive water monitoring

There is no need for extra hardware installations because the SMART FLOW ARK provides a software-only solution.

Data Gathering: The platform gathers unprocessed data from a variety of sources, such as LoRa gateways, automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, third-party loggers, building management systems, and wholesale water loggers.

Real-time Monitoring: The SMART FLOW ARK offers real-time monitoring of water use, CO2 emissions, and costs by converting acquired data into informative and useful information.

Instant notifications: The SMART FLOW ARK sends out immediate notifications for any possible problems, enabling quick action to stop water loss and reduce damage.

“No matter what your challenges are in managing commercial water, SMART FLOW smart water monitoring can help identify all water leaks, human error, while validating your water bills,” Dave Hogan continued.

Additionally, it “supports your sustainability initiatives and protects your assets from plumbing leaks by helping measure and reduce CO2 emissions caused by hot and cold water usage.”

Experience the benefits of SMART FLOW ARK

The majority of firms across several industries are highly concerned with water management, cost reduction, and sustainability. With the help of SMART FLOW’s 24/7 Human intervention professionals, businesses can now obtain cost-effective and efficient water monitoring, enabling proactive leak identification.

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