NTPC Ltd Issue Tender for Supply of 1000 MW Power From ISTS-Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects Anywhere in India

NTPC is inviting online bids from qualified bidders to procure Hybrid Power Generators for the supply of 1000 MW Power from ISTS Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects across India (NTPC-Tranche-VI).

The bidding process will include a single-stage, two-envelope approach comprising envelopes I  (the technical bid) and II  (the financial bid), along with a reverse auction.

The project will function under a build-own-Operate (BOO) arrangement.

The deadline for bid submissions is April 16, 2024, and bids will be unveiled on that day.

Bidders are required to submit Rs 22,500 for the Request for Selection (RfS) documents and an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs 11.60 lakh per MW.

Any bid without an approved earnest money deposit in a separate sealed envelope will be considered non-responsive and returned by the employer.

Providing Request for Selection (RfS) documents to any bidder does not guarantee their qualification. All bids must be submitted online.

Furthermore, the bidder is required to submit the Earnest Money Deposit, Integrity Pact, Pass Phrase, and Board Resolution separately through offline means, as specified in the RfS Documents, prior to the designated bid submission deadline.

Source NTPC

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