Longi launches anti-dust solar module for C&I segment.

A new “anti-dust” module has been created by Chinese solar company Longi specifically for the Australian commercial and industrial (C&I) market. Water can wash off the frame because it rests flat against the glass on the short side.

At the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney, Longi unveiled their latest product, the Hi-MO X6 Guardian C&I module.

The Australian market module prevents dusty residue from collecting around the corners where the frame meets the glass by allowing water to flow freely off its surface.

The modules must be installed vertically rather than horizontally because they still have typical framework on their longer sides.

The back contact (BC) technology used by the module is what Longi fully switched over their Australian ranges to in 2023. Because BC technology minimizes shading losses, it offers benefits for panel efficiency.

The maximum power output of the Guardian module is 590 W. Measuring 2,281 mm x 1,134 mm and weighing 27.2 kg, it is huge and especially long.

In the third or fourth quarter of this year, the business intends to introduce a residential module with the same self-cleaning frame concept. Its measurements are approximately 1,722 mm by 1,134 mm.

According to the manufacturer, the Hi-MO X6 Guardian costs approximately AUD 0.30 ($0.20) per watt.

A new Ultra Black module with a 440 W power output will be introduced by Longi to the Australian domestic market later this month. The Ultra Black panel has a feature that makes it easy for installers to handle without leaving marks: it is fingerprint-proof.

However, according to company representatives, this does not apply to fingertips that are coated in zinc or sunscreen.

In the Australian market, Longi is not the only business offering an anti-dust module built on a reduced frame design.

Since October 2023, DAH Solar has been supplying its Full Screen module to the nation via wholesaler Austra Energy.

To avoid water and dust buildup, the DAH Full Screen module’s frame has all of its edges lowered.

 Source: Longi

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