Korkia and Econous Green Energy to build 600MW solar power in Romania

Korkia, a Finnish renewable energy investor, has collaborated with Econous Green Energy from Romania to establish 600MW of solar energy capacity in Romania. The initial projects in this partnership are expected to be licensed and ready for construction by 2025, producing 780,000 megawatt-hours of electricity output.

This capacity will generate enough renewable energy to power 200,000 homes in Europe and offset CO₂ emissions by 300,000kg annually, equivalent to the emissions of 120,000 cars.

Korkia’s investment director Peter Goitanich mentioned that: Romania’s renewable energy sector is attracting more international investors, with the country well-positioned to expand its capacity and meet ambitious growth targets, potentially becoming a hub for renewable energy in south-east Europe. Romania aims to boost its renewable energy exports and solidify its position in the European energy system.

The solar energy market in Romania is expected to grow by over 7GW by 2033, with the country’s current energy mix comprising 40% carbon-based sources.

Econous Green Energy CEO Christos Lialios expressed: excitement about the partnership with Korkia, marking a significant milestone for their involvement in Romania’s renewable energy sector. Collaborating with Korkia on large-scale solar projects demonstrates their commitment to sustainable energy and innovation, benefiting the environment and communities in Romania and across Europe.

Source: Econous

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