Jacobi group receives WQA Excellence award for sustainability journey.

Jacobi Carbons, a leading global provider of activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and mobile filter service solutions, has been honored with the 2024 Water Quality Association (WQA) Excellence award.

This award recognizes member companies that contribute to improving water quality and the lives of others.

Jacobi Group was chosen for its steadfast dedication to sustainability throughout its operations, particularly in the development of an activated carbon product line derived from coconut shells. These products are utilized in various global applications, with a significant presence in the water treatment industry.

The group’s CEO Remko Goudappel said, “The majority of our products are not only based around coconut shell as a primary raw material, but in Europe, we also offer reactivation of spent activated carbon which has a substantial impact on our product’s global warming potential.” He added that its “reactivated material has a 54% lower global warming potential (GWP) than virgin activated carbon”.  

Jacobi Group’s activated carbons are widely employed by drinking water utilities to address a range of treatment challenges, from managing taste and odor to minimizing exposure to harmful waterborne contaminants such as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

President of Jacobi Carbons Jim Knepper added, “Water providers are faced with two challenges, keeping their residents hydrated with safe water and doing so without harming the environment or the residents’ health. Our team is dedicated to providing a solution that addresses both simultaneously and will continue innovating to serve as a resource in this essential mission.” 

Nominees for the WQA Excellence award are evaluated based on their contributions to the water treatment sector and the communities in which they operate.

Jacobi is embarking on a comprehensive sustainability journey, with a focus on key performance indicators related to environmental impact, product quality, supply security, and innovation.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a central focus, with initiatives aimed at constructing schools, libraries, sports facilities, and hospitals worldwide.

The company has also launched a global initiative called ‘GO GREEN’, which seeks to reduce the overall global warming potential across the business. This involves efforts to replace coal-based products with coconut-based alternatives when feasible, as well as making enhancements and innovations throughout the entire production process and supply chain.

Source : Jacobi Group 

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