First hydrogen refuelling station opens in Bulgaria

Austrian firm EDC Anlagentechnik has inaugurated Bulgaria’s inaugural hydrogen refuelling station.

The station can refuel at 350 and 700 bar via two inputs: one linked to an electrolyser producing 8.5kg of hydrogen daily, and the other from bottled groups to accommodate additional refuelling capacity.

Its high-pressure vessels can store up to 70kg of compressed hydrogen, with compression capabilities of 40-50kg per day, sufficient for refuelling 10-15 cars or two buses daily.

The facility was constructed by Monbat in partnership with Delektra and Akvahim, as part of the Field Laboratory ‘Integrated Energy Systems’ at the Centre of Competence (CoC) HITMOBIL.

The CoC’s HITMOBIL programme aims to promote and expedite the adoption of innovative technologies for renewable energy storage (RES), while also establishing a research infrastructure for the development, testing, optimization, and industrial implementation of modern systems for the mobility sector.

In 2019, the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works announced the country’s initial goal to have its first hydrogen refuelling stations operational by the end of 2020, with plans for 10 stations by 2025 and 50 stations by 2030.

Source EDC 

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