Emerson’s new level and flow controller reduces complexity in water and wastewater applications.

Emerson has unveiled its latest Rosemount 3490 Controller for level and flow measurement applications, aiming to streamline processes, simplify operations, and promote sustainability.

The Rosemount 3490 offers comprehensive control features for 4-20 mA or HART compatible transmitters, making it an ideal choice for water, wastewater, and process industry uses.

The Rosemount 3490 stands out as the pioneer controller with user-friendly configuration wizard guides, significantly reducing the complexity and time required for setup. Its modern, intuitive graphical interface, easy-to-navigate menu structure, and backlit 4.3-inch color LCD display further enhance usability, simplifying ongoing operation and device status readings.

Pairing the Rosemount 3490 Controller with Emerson’s non-contacting radar Rosemount 1208C Level and Flow Transmitter allows organizations to achieve precise and reliable measurements with simple HART configuration.

This facilitates improved operational efficiency across a wide range of water and wastewater applications, including automatic control of up to six pumps, filtration operations, sludge handling, and flow in open channels, flumes, and weirs.

The rugged design of the controller and transmitter makes them well-suited for the demanding environments typically encountered in these applications.

The accuracy of the level and flow measurements supported by the Rosemount 3490 contributes to preventing overfills and water wastage, promoting increased sustainability.

Moreover, the controller simplifies report and documentation management to ensure compliance with industry directives and regulations. It enables totalizing various flow measurements, calculating differentials, and easily logging and sharing data with regulatory authorities through a web interface via Ethernet connectivity.

“When designing the Rosemount 3490, our primary focus was on exceptional usability and developing a controller for flow and level measurement applications that is as simple to set up and operate as can be,” stated Vladislav Snitko, radar level solutions engineer for Emerson’s measurement solutions business.

“The Rosemount 3490 Controller and Rosemount 1208C Level and Flow Transmitter combine to create a cost-effective, specialized solution for water and wastewater applications, assisting organizations in minimizing downtime and expenses while also ensuring water safety and quality.”

Source : Emerson

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