Do humans have a place in water digitalization?

Ultimately, the fulfillment of our digital transformation rests on our personnel.

Although digitalization is ready to utilize hardware and software, it can handily prevail if it’s far supported by humans, each in spirit and execution.

Water software can most effectively rework itself right into a smart application of destiny if the change is led with the aid of using robust management through personnel in any respect range.

In PUB, the rush for digitalization begins off evolving on the top.

The application has set up a Smart PUB Steering Committee chaired via way of means by the Deputy Chief Executive of Policy and Development and Deputy Chief Executive of Operations.

The Committee’s paintings are likewise coordinated with the aid of using PUB’s Chief Information Officer.

To encourage personnel, PUB’s senior management has additionally highlighted the imagination and prescience of a digitalized application in speeches and metropolis corridor conferences.

Wherein paintings are simplified, made simpler and extra green thru automation and different technology.

Wherein personnel can gain a higher paintings-lifestyles balance.

In 2019 alone, PUB’s senior control hosted over 2 hundred city corridor conferences with over 3,000 officials throughout the organization.

Through those gatherings, they shared the impetus for the application’s digitalization drive and emphasized that all officials play a function within side the endeavor.

A utility-wide effort

The senior leaders additionally helm key transformation tasks at some point in the application, inclusive of the upgrading of the Intelligent Water Management System, leveraging their presence to reinforce help and momentum for change.

To inspire buy-in from the rank-and-file, all internal communications and exposure for the digitalization motion are designed to exhibit our transformation imaginative and prescient, the motives for the want to alternate, how officials can participate, the rewards for participating, and the way digitalization can and have to take area throughout all stages of the software.

PUB additionally has a one-prevent innovation portal for all officials known as the PUB IDEAS Exchange.

In this portal, our officials can view, examine and make contributions to all thoughts, inclusive of proposed and carried out ones, and prototypes created by their peers.

Outstanding thoughts within side the beyond year additionally qualify for the Chief executive Innovation Awards for extra-economic awards.

The SID is in particular essential as a platform for a team of workers to narrate their non-public memories on innovation and digitalization, which in flip evokes and motivates others to sign up for the application’s journey.

These testimonies frequently have not unusual place issues of willpower and teamwork, which improve the values which are wished for fulfillment.

The SID is likewise followed through an Innovation Exhibition offering the contemporary improvements and technology which might be integrated into PUB.

Having such an exhibition demonstrates to the application’s officials that change is real, and is taking place simultaneously throughout the breadth of operations, to excite them approximately the advantages that they may revel in within side the coming months.

Basic training for success

While enthusiasm for digitalization is essential, so having the relevant expertise and capabilities is important. At PUB, presenting personnel with digitalization schooling tailor-made to their task scope and duties is a priority.

In 2018, the Singapore authorities set the aim of educating all public provider officials to have primary virtual literacy through 2023, and simple competency in virtual talents.

The Public Service Division (PSD) set out a Digital Literacy Framework outlining the fundamental requirements of all public officials to paint in a digitally-enabled workplace.

Guided through PSD’s framework, PUB’s Singapore Water Academy (SgWA), which gives education to water experts regionally and internationally, formulated a digital literacy education technique contextualized to the software’s wishes.

As of 2019, approximately 75% of the PUB officials who decided on the publications have finished them, and we’re on the right track to complete the schooling with the aid of using 2021.

Zeroing in on data analytics training

Building a destiny-equipped statistics analytics crew is likewise virtual for water utilities to make the digitalization leap.

Many firms are handiest ‘information-aware’, wherein their personnel honestly make spreadsheets and collect them for reporting.

The purpose is to be facts-pushed, in which choices are made thru information, wherein devices getting to know and forecasting fashions are closely utilized.

The plan is to create a massive base of officials with simple skill ability in information analytics, and spur officials with hobbies and motivation to wait for records analytics guides to in addition deepen their skills and expertise.

PUB additionally plans to educate a set of information analysts to be notably talented in commercial enterprise intelligence analytics and to supply facts engineers who can lay out and actualize huge facts architectures.

To accomplish those objectives, we can organize primary information analytics education for all our engineers and executives, and vicinity information analysts in numerous departments in intermediate and superior facts analytics programs.

With a robust statistics analytics tradition in the agency, our workforce will domesticate the dependency on the usage of information and its insights to guide choices, enhancing the application’s performance.

Setting sight on design innovation

We also are imposing education to equip our officials for layout innovation. Such innovation entails analyzing and rethinking painting strategies to boom productiveness and obtain different painting targets.

Data analytics is critical to accumulate proof and validate assumptions for such exercises.

The route fosters a collaborative technique related to multidisciplinary groups running in the company to provide you with clean views to enhance its merchandise and enterprise strategies.

It additionally consists of a records analytics boot camp to teach officials within side the subject.

After completing the direction, members could have foundational know-how of facts analytics and be capable of observing layout innovation equipment at the same time as taking a rate of transformation tasks of their departments.

Valuing people

Going forward, we can additionally devise greater possibilities for PUB personnel to paint along with contractors within side the improvement and implementation of digitalization solutions, to offer them extra hands-on enjoyment within side the field.

PUB Chief Executive Ng Joo Hee careworn that the software’s humans are its maximum precious assets.


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