Air Liquide, Vopak to build ammonia, H2 infrastructure in Singapore

Air Liquide (EPA:AI), a French industrial gas supplier, and tank storage company Vopak have partnered to construct and manage infrastructure facilities for importing ammonia and distributing green hydrogen in Singapore.

On Monday, the two parties revealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) detailing their plans to establish low carbon ammonia supply chains in the region.

Their strategy involves the potential creation of ammonia cracking facilities, related ammonia storage and handling infrastructure at Vopak’s Banyan terminal, as well as the distribution of low-carbon hydrogen.

The pair plans to make a wager on Air Liquide’s large-scale ammonia (NH3) cracking technology, which is set to undergo testing in a pilot plant under construction in Belgium and expected to be operational later this year.

Their primary objective is to assist in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in industrial areas and sectors that are difficult to decarbonize.

“As Singapore gears up for receiving and handling ammonia for power generation and bunkering,cracking of ammonia into hydrogen presents an additional application to help the industry shift to lower carbon feedstock,” said Rob Boudestijn, president of Vopak Singapore.

Source Air Liquide, Vopak



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