ACCIONA to supervise Bilbao’s water sanitation network.

The Bilbao City Council has granted ACCIONA the contract to oversee the cleaning, maintenance, and operation of the city’s municipal water sanitation and sewerage network.

The contract, which can be extended for up to three years, is valued at €35 million and will benefit 350,000 residents.

Under the contract, ACCIONA will be responsible for customer support, cleaning and inspection of the pipe network, sewage management, maintenance of pumping systems, technical support, and various emergency works and repairs. The company will utilize advanced equipment and zero-emission vehicles for these tasks.

In alignment with its objective to digitize the entire water cycle, the company will introduce various 4.0 technologies, including the implementation of a ‘digital twin’ – a virtual replica of the sewerage network.

This will enable efficient and secure testing and analysis of different innovations. Additionally, through event analysis using predictive algorithms, the company will develop action plans to enhance water resource management.

Among other advancements, ACCIONA will implement geographic information systems (GIS) and integrate its GOTA CIA platform into municipal warning systems to facilitate the location of network assets and available technical resources on a map, thereby ensuring a more efficient operation and maintenance service.

The company currently operates and maintains the primary water supply network for the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium (CABB) and manages 25 wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, including the Arriandi, Lekeitio, Ondarroa, Cruces, Balmaseda, Orduña, and Muskiz plants.

In 2023, ACCIONA renewed the operation and maintenance contract for the sewerage system of the Amorebieta-Etxano municipality, which it has been managing in various stages since 2007. Recently, the Barakaldo City Council also entrusted ACCIONA with the management, maintenance, and operation of its water supply network.

Internationally, ACCIONA manages the entire water cycle in over 100 municipalities, providing services to 17 million people. The company has constructed 335 wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) with the capacity to serve 100 million people, as well as 128 drinking water treatment plants (DWTP) serving 41 million people.

ACCIONA specializes in reverse osmosis technology for water desalination in response to water scarcity and employs innovative technologies to develop sustainable water reuse solutions for agriculture, urban parks, and other activities.


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