ACCIONA investigates sustainable water desalination solutions in Qatar.

ACCIONA recently hosted a significant roundtable discussion titled “Exploring Sustainable Solutions for Water Desalination in Qatar”, marking the company’s inaugural event of this nature in the region.

This gathering highlights Qatar’s increasing dedication to tackling water scarcity through innovative and sustainable desalination technologies. With the nation facing escalating water challenges, Qatar has embraced reverse osmosis desalination as a pivotal strategy to secure potable water for its populace. Since 2016, reverse osmosis plants have played a vital role in Qatar’s water infrastructure, with ACCIONA at the forefront of this technological advancement.

The event convened distinguished experts and stakeholders to deliberate on progress and future trajectories in water desalination, showcasing Qatar’s progression towards sustainable water management. The Spanish Ambassador in Doha, His Excellency Mr. Javier Carbajosa, graced the occasion, highlighting the strong bonds and collaborative endeavors between Spain and Qatar in addressing global water issues. Mr. Jorge Malfeito, ACCIONA Water Business’s Director of Innovation, provided insights into upcoming trends in the Reverse Osmosis sector, drawing from Spain’s extensive experience of over 40 years in this domain.

Manuel Manjón, CEO of ACCIONA’s water business, underscored the pivotal role of reverse osmosis desalination in Qatar’s water security strategy, emphasizing the significance of continuous innovation and international cooperation in seeking sustainable water solutions. All speakers emphasized the evolving operational landscape at the plants, focusing on advancements in data analytics systems and AI integration to enhance efficiency and long-term performance.

The imperative to enhance water infrastructure in Qatar to ensure access to clean, safe drinking water for its expanding population was highlighted, with a focus on improving quality of life, reducing water-related diseases, and fostering sustainable economic growth.

The event also featured a panel discussion titled “7 Years of large-scale reverse osmosis desalination in Qatar”, where industry leaders discussed Qatar’s increasing reliance on RO technology since 2016. The strength of RO technology in meeting large-scale water production demands and adapting to Qatar’s changing environmental and sustainability objectives was underscored. The importance of the partnership between Qatar and ACCIONA to apply learnings from operations across all plants and adapt them to evolving operations was emphasized.

On the concluding day, Juan Manuel Vázquez from the Agriculture Water Department and Dr. Ana Jiménez Banzo, Director of Innovation MGT & Technology, shared insightful perspectives on the future of water sustainability in arid regions like Qatar.

They highlighted ACCIONA’s commitment to tailoring water treatment solutions to specific regional needs, showcasing ongoing innovations to address operational challenges in desalination plants. Dr. Jiménez Banzo elaborated on ACCIONA’s research-driven approach, citing the development of advanced reverse osmosis membranes and energy-efficient technologies as examples of the company’s dedication to sustainability and efficiency in water management.

ACCIONA’s participation in the Expo culminated with a discussion on the importance of collaboration and innovation in ensuring a sustainable water future in arid regions.


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