Yorkshire Water to invest £4.8m in Dishforth wastewater treatment facility.

Yorkshire Water is set to invest £4.8 million in enhancing its Dishforth wastewater treatment facility to enhance water quality in the river Swale and expand the site’s capacity.

Mott MacDonald Bentley is overseeing the project, which aims to boost the treatment works’ capacity to handle the increased wastewater flows from recently constructed housing developments nearby.

The investment by Yorkshire Water will also target the reduction of phosphorus levels in the treated wastewater discharged into the river environment post-treatment.

This initiative will have a positive impact on water quality in the Soppa Gutter, a tributary of the river Swale, thereby benefiting approximately 7km of watercourses.

Phosphorus, a common component of domestic sewage, enters the sewer system through household showers and washing machines, as well as from agricultural fields due to fertilizers and soil dissolution. While a small amount of phosphorus is harmless and essential to many ecosystems, uncontrolled levels can pose risks to human and animal life.

The project, scheduled for completion by the end of 2024, includes the installation of an electrocoagulation unit to remove pollutants from wastewater, an odour control unit, a new sludge storage tank, and the replacement of a balance tank on site.

Lucie Arger, project manager at Yorkshire Water, expressed the following:

“Our dedication lies in enhancing the water quality of rivers throughout our region. A primary focus is the reduction of phosphorus entering rivers through the treated wastewater we responsibly release into the environment.

“Diminishing phosphorus levels can significantly improve water quality in our rivers. This project forms a substantial part of the £500 million investment by 2025 in phosphorus removal initiatives across Yorkshire.

“In addition to enhancing the local watercourse’s quality, our efforts at Dishforth will ensure that the treatment works can handle the increased flows from new developments in the area, thus future-proofing the site and providing value for our customers by minimizing disruption in the long term.”

Source :Yorkshire Water

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