WEB Aruba Signs Water-as-a-Service® BOOT Agreement With Seven Seas Water Group.

Water-En Energiebedrijf Aruba (“WEB”) and Seven Seas Water Group (“SSWG”) have jointly announced the signing of a 10-year Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) Agreement.

Seven Seas Water (Aruba) VBA will construct a new seawater reverse osmosis (“SWRO”) plant, providing a minimum of 16,500 cubic meters of daily drinking water.

This new plant will be part of WEB’s long-term plan and the Water Roadmap to meet continued water demand, replacing a temporary water production facility.

SSWG won the contract after a competitive tender process issued in 2023 and the new water plant is set to commence operations by mid-2026 at WEB’s existing facilities.

WEB Aruba CEO, Mr. Alfredo A. Koolman, emphasized the significance of the agreement, stating, “This project is a key milestone for both WEB and Aruba, significantly enhancing our water production capacity to meet current and future demand for high-quality drinking water.

We take pride in supplying top-quality water to our residents and visitors, and this new plant will sustain our reliability and affordability. I thank the WEB team for managing the selection process and working with SSWG on developing this project.”

Henry Charrabé, CEO of Seven Seas Water Group, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with WEB Aruba, stating, “We are honored to provide reliable fresh drinking water to WEB Aruba on this landmark project. This significant project is one of the largest public desalination tenders in the Caribbean over the past decade.

We are impressed by WEB’s long-term vision and the team’s commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. Our long-term Water-as-a-Service® model aligns perfectly with WEB Aruba’s strategic objectives, and we are enthusiastic about strengthening our position as a robust and reliable local provider of desalinated drinking water in the region.”

Source :Seven Seas Water 

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