Veolia and Milwaukee recognize wastewater infrastructure as an “Ecofactory”.

Veolia North America, the leading provider of environmental solutions in the U.S. and Canada, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), and Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson marked Earth Day by recognizing Milwaukee’s wastewater treatment infrastructure as an “Ecofactory,” marking its transformation from what was once a waste disposal process into a stream of green energy, resource recovery and environmental stewardship for greater Milwaukee.

The Ecofactory concept builds on MMSD’s leadership in treating wastewater as a valuable resource for nearly a century, bringing significant environmental benefits to the region such as producing Milorganite® fertilizer, turning gas byproducts into power sources and digesting waste to create energy while reducing landfill use.

As the MMSD’s long standing operating partner, Veolia is designating Milwaukee as its first Ecofactory in America and will use its successes to inspire similar transformation in other cities across the country.

Karine Rougé, CEO of Veolia North America’s Municipal Water division, said, “Veolia is thrilled to partner with MMSD to launch the Ecofactory initiative in Milwaukee, a city that has long exemplified how to treat the environment responsibly and find creative ways to turn waste into resources. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our shared commitment to sustainability and community engagement.”

“Forward-thinking actions are so important to meet the environmental and climate challenges we face,” Mayor Johnson said. “I am pleased Veolia is building on the work of MMSD as it advances the Ecofactory concept. And, I look forward to additional partnerships to advance our common goals.”

Kevin Shafer, Executive Director of the MMSD, said, “I could not be more humbled or proud to gather on this Earth Day to honor decades of innovation and the forward thinking that’s created a highly successful agency to protect public health and our source of drinking water, Lake Michigan.”

Ecofactory approach creates new environmental opportunities Designating Milwaukee’s wastewater treatment system as an Ecofactory marks a significant achievement for the MMSD and a new approach in America for Veolia, which is working across the country to reimagine how wastewater treatment can benefit communities.

As the top-ranked company for environmental services, Veolia intends to make the most of its global expertise to help America meet its need for sustainable growth. Last week, the group announced its ambition to double its size in the country by 2030.

Source :Veolia North America

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