Uzbekistan completes significant project for digital twin water management.

Nobel Systems, in partnership with Uzsuvtaminot, Uzbekistan’s national water management agency, has successfully completed the groundbreaking Digital Twin project, as per a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan.

This initiative aimed to transform water management practices in Uzbekistan by utilizing advanced technologies to create a real-time virtual representation of the country’s water infrastructure. Recently finalized, this project signifies a major advancement in the modernization of Uzbekistan’s water management system.

Commenced in April 2022 with funding from the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), the project was granted $430,000 to UzSuvTa’minot JSC for a feasibility study, concluding in December 2023. Implemented in three mahallas of Jizzakh City – Do’stlik, Ittifoq, and Yoshlik – with an estimated population of 16,000.

Michael Samuel, President of Nobel Systems, stated: “The aim of this project was to establish a comprehensive approach to water asset management and feasibility analysis to minimize water loss, decrease energy expenses, and promote water sustainability and resource management.

“This initiative aims to assess the current water infrastructure and explore potential upgrade or expansion opportunities to ensure an effective, dependable, and sustainable water supply.”

Key Accomplishments:

Real-Time Monitoring: The Digital Twin system enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the entire water infrastructure, facilitating swift decision-making and proactive management strategies.

Predictive Analytics: Utilizing advanced analytics, the system forecasts potential issues, optimizing resource allocation and preventing water wastage.

Enhanced Efficiency: The implementation of the Digital Twin has notably improved the efficiency of water distribution, leading to reduced operational costs and environmental impact.

Source :Nobel Systems

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