Tsurumi pump successfully completes a 7m drop test.

A Tsurumi pump designed for dewatering successfully withstood a seven-meter drop test conducted by the manufacturer ahead of the upcoming IFAT trade fair in Germany.

The test involved two series to demonstrate their ability to withstand extreme conditions. The first series involved dropping a universal HS2.4S pump from a height of seven meters, which is approximately equivalent to a fall from the third floor of a building.

The pump sustained only superficial damage, which did not come as a surprise to the manufacturer.

Test manager Matthew Hill commented, “Tsurumi pumps can really endure tough conditions,” noting that despite scratches on the housing, the pump continued to function perfectly.

A similar drop test was conducted on an LB480, another universal dewatering pump used in construction, industry, agriculture, and various other applications. In this case, the lower casing was slightly deformed at the point of impact.

Tsurumi has shared the video of the drop test on its Facebook page. At IFAT, the company, based in Düsseldorf, will be presenting a selection of its product range at stand B1.444, featuring dewatering pumps, submersible aerators, agitators, and a “smart” network solution that integrates third-party products.

Source : Tsurumi pump 

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