The most important 15 water news in the 2nd week of january

Sacyr Agua awarded contract to improve the energy efficiency of the Carboneras desalination plant


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


The company Sacyr Agua SL was chosen to develop the construction project and enhance the energy efficiency of the desalination plant in Carboneras, Almeria, Spain. The investment for this project is over 29.7 million euros, and it is expected to be completed within 48 months.

The initial value of the project was over 40.4 million euros. Sacyr Agua SL’s bid of €24,576,429.30 (VAT not included) was ultimately selected. The desalination plant, built in 1999 and operational since 2005, is considered one of the least efficient in terms of energy due to outdated technology.

The plan involves replacing the existing Pelton turbines with isobaric chambers to improve energy efficiency and maintain the supply of desalinated water.

source: iagua

Violence over water increases globally according to new data


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


The Pacific Institute recently updated its Water Conflict Chronology, adding over 350 new instances of conflicts related to water resources and systems. The database now includes over 1,630 cases and shows a clear trend of worsening water-related violence in recent decades.

This includes 228 incidents in 2022 and 117 incidents between January and June of 2023. The increase in violence is attributed to intentional attacks on civilian water systems in regions such as Russia-Ukraine, the Middle East, and parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Institute emphasizes the need for strategies to promote cooperation and peaceful sharing of water resources. Additionally, the Institute is focused on identifying and addressing the risks of water-related violence through technical, political, legal, and economic solutions.

source: pacific institute


Add-on system in Mars water mining operations will screen for introduced and alien life


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


possibility of life on Mars, based on the same geo-organic chemistry that started life on Earth. It also explains how Martian life would use informational polymers (like DNA) and how to detect them in Martian water.

NASA’s current and future plans for exploring Mars, including collecting and returning rocks, and sending humans by 2040. It also mentions the challenges and opportunities of finding life on Mars before and after human arrival.

NIAC project that aims to develop a system that can find and analyze any kind of genetic molecules from the water ice mined on Mars. It claims that ALF is a low-cost and high-sensitivity tool that can survey the entire accessible surface of Mars for life.

source: NASA

John Beckham takes helm at NAD Bank, prioritizing water infrastructure investment


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


John Beckham began his four-year term as Managing Director of the North American Development Bank (NADBank) on January 1st. NADBank expressed its appreciation to the former managing director, Calixto Mateos Hanel, and wished him success in his future endeavors.

Mr. Beckham, who had previously served as the Bank’s Deputy Managing Director, has extensive experience in finance and strategic business planning.

Mr. Beckham stated that he is honored to assume the position of CEO of NADBank and will continue working to advance its environmental mission and consolidate the institution as a binational leader in supporting the transition to a greener economy.

Additionally, Mr. Beckham’s appointment coincides with the Board’s approval of the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, which focuses on investment in water infrastructure and greener mobility.

source: North American Development Bank NADB

Ari Veltman, WFI Group: “The role of decentralized systems is expected to increase significantly”


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


Decentralized solutions for water and wastewater treatment, These are approaches that spread and execute the treatment facilities at local points, closer to the source or use of water, instead of consolidating them in one place.

WFI Group, A company that provides cutting-edge technologies for the water and wastewater treatment sector, helping customers meet environmental and regulatory compliance requirements and improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Dr Ari Veltman, The Chief Business Officer at WFI Group, who has a diverse background in economics, business, and technology, and oversees the overall business strategy and activities of the company.

Circular economy and water resilience, The benefits and opportunities of decentralized approaches to wastewater treatment, as they contribute to sourcing water for non-potable purposes, reusing wastewater, and enhancing water security and independence.

source: WFI Group

Idrica and Xylem detect water leaks in Qatar’s distribution networks


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


Water leakage problem in Qatar, The paragraph discusses how leaks cause water losses and economic damage in Qatar, a country that relies heavily on desalination for its water supply.

Water leak detection service, The paragraph describes how Idrica Qatar and Xylem provided a service to detect and reduce water leaks in Qatar’s distribution networks, using new acoustic technology (SmartBall).

Water security and resilience, The paragraph explains how the project aimed to improve Qatar’s water security and resilience, and how the partnership between Idrica and Xylem is helping other utilities around the world to cope with water challenges and crises.

source: Idrica

A deep dive into water and wastewater treatment news


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


Smart Water Magazine will now send three thematic newsletters every week, focusing on Water and wastewater treatment (on Tuesdays), Digital (on Wednesdays) and Utilities & Water security (on Thursdays), in addition to the usual weekly newsletter on Mondays.

The thematic newsletters will include current news, interviews, and in-depth stories covering a variety of topics related to water and wastewater treatment, desalination, and drinking water quality.

The articles will highlight advancements in sustainable technologies and strategies, as well as the development of new desalination facilities to meet escalating freshwater demands. The most-read stories in 2023 include topics such as energy-saving desalination techniques, PFAS remediation, heat exchangers for wastewater treatment, digital twins for carbon-neutral wastewater treatment, and the construction of energy-efficient desalination plants.

These stories showcase the industry’s efforts to adapt to changing conditions, implement sustainable practices, and contribute to the long-term resilience of water resources.

source: Smart Water Magazine


Veolia sells its US district energy assets to Antin for $1.25B


Veolia sells its US district energy assets to Antin for $1.25B


Veolia has sold its district energy assets in the United States to Antin Infrastructure Partners as part of its asset portfolio review. The portfolio includes steam, hot and chilled water, and electricity production plants in 10 US cities.

Antin Infrastructure Partners, an investment fund dedicated to infrastructure, has invested over 7 billion euros in 24 companies and owns Idex, which operates heating and cooling networks in France.

source: Veolia

Aqualia enters the US market with the purchase of water company Municipal District Services


Aqualia enters the US market with the purchase of water company Municipal District Services


Aqualia has acquired a controlling stake in Municipal District Services, LLC (MDS), which manages the water cycle for over 364,000 people near Houston.

MDS has 140 service agreements with Municipal Utility Districts and is the second-largest provider of water, wastewater, and stormwater services in the area. Aqualia aims to develop this business and become a leading operator in the southern United States.


source: Aqualia

Pennon Group acquires SES Water for £380 million


Pennon Group acquires SES Water for £380 million


Pennon Group has acquired SES Water, a drinking water supplier in the South East, with plans to invest in its resources, infrastructure, and people. The acquisition is part of Pennon’s commitment to the UK water industry and will allow the sharing of best practices for the benefit of customers across the UK.

The acquisition also provides an opportunity for customers to become shareholders in their local water company through the Watershare+ programme. Pennon’s strong financial performance and long-term UK shareholder base will support the seamless transition for SES Water’s customers and provide a more robust and reliable service.

The acquisition demonstrates Pennon’s financial flexibility to invest in high-quality businesses, with plans to provide an equity injection to enhance SES Water’s financial resilience.

source: Pennon Group


United Utilities investing £17.7m to build new Wastewater Treatment Works in Forton


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


A £17.7m project to build a new Wastewater Treatment Works and upgrade the wastewater network in Forton, near Lancaster, is progressing well. The development is designed to accommodate the area’s recent and future population growth, as well as the increased demand from tourists visiting the nearby motorway services during busy holiday periods.

The new Wastewater Treatment Works, set to be operational in autumn 2024, will improve water quality in Potters Brook and the River Cocker, which flows into Morecambe Bay. The project includes enhanced treatment methods to reduce phosphorous levels and increase the facility’s capacity to treat wastewater more efficiently.

Additionally, the sewer network in the area is being upgraded with a new larger pipeline to handle the growing population. The project aims to ensure that the local network is equipped to manage the population growth and improve water quality in the area.


source: United Utilities


Portsmouth Water publishes Contract Notice for £40 million contract to provide smart water meters for all customers


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


Portsmouth Water is seeking a supplier to upgrade water meters for all its customers across its supply area, with a project valued at £40 million over 20 years. The initiative aims to improve operational efficiency, customer service, and water conservation in the severely water-stressed Portsmouth Water area.

The chosen partner will be responsible for supplying and installing smart water meter technology for domestic and non-household customers. The procurement seeks to deliver meter asset supply and smart data network provision, with the contract anticipated to commence in December 2024.

Interested suppliers can prequalify for the tender through a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) and can find further information on Portsmouth Water’s procurement portal or the Government’s Find A Tender service.


source: Portsmouth Water

ABB acquires innovative optical sensor company to expand smart water management offering


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


ABB has agreed to acquire Real Tech, a Canadian company known for its innovative optical sensor technology for real-time water monitoring. This acquisition will enhance ABB’s presence in the water segment and complement its product portfolio.

Real Tech’s products provide real-time measurements, enabling better process control and continuous water quality assurance. The company’s portfolio includes optical sensors, controllers, and optional accessories, as well as a proprietary AI software platform called Liquid AI®. ABB plans to leverage its global sales and service network to accelerate the deployment of Real Tech’s technologies.

The acquisition aligns with ABB’s strategy of adding advanced environmental technologies to its portfolio. Real Tech’s CEO expressed excitement about joining ABB and shared the vision of creating a more sustainable future. The text also highlights the global need for improved water management and the significant investments being made in water infrastructure and technology worldwide.

source: ABB

NX Filtration announces further delay in revenue growth


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


NX Filtration, a global provider of direct fibre nanofiltration (NF) technology for water, has reported a 1.5-year delay in the roll out of its original business plan. This delay is due to longer lead times to convert pilot projects into large full-scale projects, driven by both pilot trajectories taking longer than anticipated and longer lead times towards larger projects after the pilot phase.

The current financing environment has negatively impacted its customers’ capital expenditure plans and its original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in maintaining stock of its modules in anticipation of upcoming projects.

The company expects its full-year 2023 revenues to be €8m, below the communicated outlook of €10m to €14m. However, there are still delayed orders from 2023 that are part of the company’s pipeline for delivery this year. For 2024, NX Filtration’s total revenue outlook is €16m. T

source: NX Filtraton

WorldWide Electric Corporation Announces the Acquisition of North American Electric, Inc


The most important 15 water industry news for the 2nd week of January


WorldWide Electric’s CEO, James Taylor, sees the acquisition of North American Electric as a big win for both companies’ customers. He is excited to welcome North American Electric’s Team into the WorldWide Electric family, noting their shared commitment to customer service and similar company values.

Taylor plans to incorporate the best practices from both companies to enhance the buying experience and maintain high-quality products and service. With this acquisition, WorldWide Electric is expanding its capabilities and market presence.

This marks their fourth acquisition in four years, including Louis Allis, Georator Corporation, and Gleason-Avery. These strategic acquisitions demonstrate WorldWide Electric’s dedication to growth and customer satisfaction, offering a wide range of products and services to meet diverse customer needs in a competitive market.


source: Worldwide Electric Corporation



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