SUEZ wins project to improve drinking water safety in Indonesia with a water treatment plant

SUEZ, a prominent water management company, recently inked a deal for the Buaran III Water Treatment Plant (WTP) project in Jakarta.

The company will supply crucial equipment for the water treatment process and offer technical advisory services for setting up and starting the Buaran III facility.

This new WTP in Jakarta will strengthen the city’s water supply system, ensuring a secure, dependable, and sustainable water supply for local residents.

Presently, Jakarta’s WTPs can treat 1.47 million cubic meters daily, catering to 65% of urban areas with clean water.

The city aims to achieve 100% coverage of clean water in urban areas by 2030, planning to construct new WTPs to meet the increasing demand by adding 960,000 cubic meters per day.

The completion of the Buaran III WTP, projected in the first half of 2025, will accelerate progress towards this objective.

It will deliver an extra 260,000 cubic meters of clean water daily to Jakarta communities, fulfilling about 28% of the additional water capacity required to meet the 2030 target.

During the rainy season in Jakarta, the turbidity of raw water can significantly worsen, impacting the availability of clean water in urban areas.

As the main technology provider for this project, SUEZ will provide essential equipment for the water treatment process and technical advisory services for setting up and starting operations.

SUEZ’s patented Densadeg™ settler and Aquazur® V filter will be creatively employed to ensure the project’s water treatment capacity and quality. This marks the first deployment of Densadeg™ in Southeast Asia.

Francois Fevrier, CEO Water and R&R Asia at SUEZ, expressed, “We are thrilled to establish a new partnership in Jakarta. We take pride in this milestone and appreciate the trust of our customers and partners. We eagerly anticipate the completion of the Buaran III Water Treatment Plant, which underscores our strong legacy and presence in Southeast Asia. This project demonstrates our commitment to delivering value through technological solutions for our customers throughout the lifecycle of their assets and services.”

Since 1953, SUEZ has constructed numerous water and wastewater treatment plants across Indonesia, advocating for water services across Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Concurrently, SUEZ has continuously enhanced its local expertise in water and waste services to strive for excellence in the sector and advance the circular economy.

Source : SUEZ 

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