South West Water extends £150 offer to help customers fix leaky loos and save money.

South West Water’s initiative to aid customers in Cornwall in locating and repairing leaky toilets to reduce water wastage is now being expanded to certain areas of Devon.

In the previous month, the water utility tested a program offering household customers in Cornwall up to £150 towards fixing leaky toilets. This offer is now being widened to include customers in select parts of Devon.

Statistics suggest that about 5% of toilets have leaks, with a leaky toilet potentially wasting up to 400 litres of water daily. This amounts to approximately 16.5 million litres of water wasted each day in the region due to leaky toilets – enough to sustain around 300 individuals for nearly a year on average.

Furthermore, a leaky toilet could increase a metered customer’s annual water bill by up to £70.

To assist customers in identifying toilet leaks, South West Water has distributed Leaky Loo strips to over 550,000 customers in Cornwall and parts of Devon.

These strips are placed under the toilet bowl rim and will dissolve or change color if a small leak, often imperceptible to the naked eye, is detected.

Upon arranging for their toilet repair, customers can receive reimbursement of up to £150 from South West Water. Customers who participated in the original offer in Cornwall have until March 11 to fix their leaky toilets, while customers in the extended trial areas of Devon have until April 8.

David Harris, South West Water’s Drought and Resilience Director, stated: “We are dedicated to swiftly identifying and repairing leaks within our network, and this initiative is just one of the innovative ways we are assisting customers in addressing their leaks.”Repairing customer toilets not only conserves water throughout the year but also offers potential savings on their bills.”

South West Water is currently identifying and fixing more leaks than ever before – approximately 2,000 monthly – utilizing advanced methods such as satellite technology for detecting water leaks buried two meters underground, drone surveillance for inaccessible areas across Dartmoor and Exmoor, and detection dogs for locating leaks in challenging terrains.

The water company continues its efforts to help customers reduce water consumption consistently, not just during warmer months.

Through its ongoing Water is Precious campaign, South West Water collaborates with customers year-round to implement positive changes that conserve water, manage demand, save money, and safeguard the environment.

Source :South West Water

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