SolarEdge has endorsed the European Solar Energy Charter

SolarEdge Technologies, a prominent player in smart energy technology, has officially endorsed the European Commission’s European Solar Energy Charter. This charter emphasizes the need to bolster the European photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing sector.

SolarEdge joined forces with other companies in the European solar energy domain to sign the Charter, alongside 23 European Union (EU) Energy Ministers.

During a signing ceremony held in Brussels on April 15th, the signatories pledged their support for a robust supply of top-quality solar PV products within Europe.

SolarEdge’s General Manager for Europe, Alfred Karlstetter, expressed the company’s commitment: “SolarEdge contributes significantly to diversifying and strengthening EU solar PV supply chains. Our products and solutions positively impact EU competitiveness, sustainability, job creation, and the attainment of energy and climate goals. By signing the European Solar Energy Charter, we reaffirm our dedication to the EU’s green transition and the accelerated adoption of solar energy across Europe.”

source: European Solar Charter

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