Saur Group widens its presence in Poland through the acquisition of Ekos Poznań

The Saur Group (“Saur”) is delighted to announce the completion, through Saur Polska, a part of Saur International, of the purchase of Ekos Poznan, a prominent company that will bring its skills in servicing separators, cleaning sewer networks, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Ekos Poznan operates across Poland with nearly 90 highly skilled professionals. It possesses its own industrial pre-treatment plant and a modern fleet of specialized vehicles, including tanker trucks.

By acquiring Ekos, Saur will further enhance the Group’s range to meet the rapidly increasing demand for more sustainable industrial water management solutions, strengthening its presence in Poland.


Nader Antar, President of Saur International, expressed:”At Saur, we are striving for a cleaner and more sustainable future by providing advanced water and wastewater management solutions. Ekos has successfully established a strong position in full-service wastewater treatment facilities, which aligns perfectly with our portfolio of innovative technologies to support our clients. This acquisition will further reinforce our Group’s mission as a leader in water transition. This is why we are continuing our investment in Poland and also in Central Europe, demonstrating our strong commitment to promoting Saur’s growth in the region.”


Magdalena Markiewicz, CEO of Saur Polska, remarked:”The acquisition of Ekos Poznan is a natural step for Saur Polska to expand our unique portfolio of innovative technologies for water and its resources. We have extensive experience in this field, as for over 4 years we have been operating, among others, the Separator Service company, which has become a leader in water recovery in Poland under our leadership, through the cleaning of oil and grease separators. This acquisition will further enhance the level of expertise in industrial wastewater treatment and optimize our operations by leveraging the synergies between Separator and Ekos services. For Saur Polska, this is another of the planned acquisitions for the upcoming years.”

source: Saur


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