Saudi Arabia Reveals bidders for 3.7 GW solar tender

The Saudi Arabian government’s National Renewable Energy Programme (NREP) chose bids for the fifth round of the programme this week, according to a statement released by Saudi Power Procurement Co. (SPPC). Both a list of “managing members” and a list of “managing and technical members” are included in the SPPC document.


The first list includes:

The second list comprises:


Among the tendered PV projects are the 1 GW (AC) Al Masa’a project, situated in the northern Hail region, and the 2 GW (AC) Al Sadawi plant, situated in the east of the nation. The 300 MW (AC) Rabigh 2 array in western Makkah province and the 400 MW (AC) Al Henakiyah 2 plant in western Madinah province are also included.

SPPC, a government-owned organisation entrusted with obtaining electricity from independent power producers, will supervise the projects and be in charge of predevelopment, tendering, and the energy offtake that follows.

Source: National Renewable Energy Program

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