Pennon marks National Apprenticeship Week with 52 fresh apprenticeship chances

Pennon Group is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week by introducing 52 new apprenticeship positions in the Greater South West region.

The company’s renowned apprenticeship program offers successful candidates the opportunity to work across South West Water, Bristol Water, and Bournemouth Water, gaining valuable experience in the water industry.

Among the openings, there are 12 positions available for Engineering Technician Apprenticeships, spanning a four-year program that combines practical work experience with college studies.

Additionally, Pennon is seeking 33 candidates for Treatment Technician Apprenticeships, an 18-month program that blends classroom instruction with hands-on training at a South West Water facility.

Furthermore, there are 7 more apprenticeship roles available across various teams, including Network Technicians, Network Operatives, and Data Analysts.

Adele Barker, Chief People Officer at Pennon Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to attracting top talent from diverse backgrounds to foster a dynamic and inclusive organization.

Pennon is actively investing in the future workforce of the water industry by expanding its apprenticeship and graduate programs, with plans to recruit 1,000 individuals in these roles by 2030 and offering 5,000 work placement opportunities.

Jodie Dougal, currently undertaking a Level 3 Finance Apprenticeship with Pennon at South West Water, highlighted the company’s support for personal development and career growth without age barriers.

Source : Pennon Group

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