PC Construction and Stantec form design-build partnership for Arlington County’s Re-Gen project.

PC Construction, a prominent environmental design-build contractor along the East Coast, and Stantec, a leading global consulting and engineering firm and its primary design partner, have been chosen to lead the design and construction efforts for a significant biosolids enhancement project at the Arlington County Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) in Northern Virginia.

The innovative design-build endeavor, with a total cost of around $175 million, will revamp solids handling facilities and integrate state-of-the-art technology to convert wastewater into a sustainable energy source and a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Collaborating closely, PC and Stantec will undertake the design and construction of various components, including the thermal hydrolysis process (THP), pre- and post-dewatering facilities, primary and secondary anaerobic digesters, odor control systems, biogas treatment facilities, and steam generation units.

The implementation of THP will enable the WPCP to generate Class A biosolids for use as fertilizer, while the resultant biogas will be harnessed, treated, and utilized as a renewable energy source.

This design-build partnership stands out in the realm of specialized facilities, combining PC’s construction expertise — which includes overseeing the largest THP facility globally — with Stantec’s track record of designing nearly half of the world’s THP facilities.

Presently, PC and Stantec are in the final stages of commissioning WSSC Water’s Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility Bioenergy Project, set to become one of only five operational THP facilities in the United States.

Matt Cooke, President/CEO at PC Construction, emphasized the significance of this project for Arlington County and the local community, stating, “THP technology is rapidly gaining recognition in the U.S. as an efficient, energy-saving, and sustainable approach to managing wastewater biosolids. We are eager to leverage our expertise in this cutting-edge field to assist Arlington County in realizing its long-term objectives.”

Nicolle Boulay, Vice President at Stantec, highlighted the importance of collaborating with Arlington County on this groundbreaking initiative, remarking, “The County’s sustainability priorities align closely with those of Stantec, and we are eager to support the County in achieving its objectives.”

Aligned with Arlington County’s Solids Master Plan, this project will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the area and achieving negative net energy usage. The anticipated completion date is by the conclusion of 2029.

Source :PC Construction

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