Microsoft and Aganova launch an exciting water Replenishment Project in Spain empowered by AI Technology.

Microsoft has joined forces with Aganova, a pioneer in in-line pipe condition assessment and leak detection, to launch a groundbreaking water replenishment project in Spain. This transformative initiative, powered by advanced AI technology, ushers in a new era of sustainable water management practices.

Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Aganova marks a significant milestone in the global effort to address water scarcity and enhance environmental stewardship.

The project, undertaken in collaboration with the Mancomunidad de Aguas del Sorbe (MAS) water utility near Madrid, is set to revolutionize traditional approaches to leak detection and repair within water distribution networks.

At the core of this innovative venture lies Microsoft’s commitment to becoming water positive by 2030. To achieve this goal, the company is focused on five key areas: reducing water use intensity, replenishing more water than it consumes, increasing access to water and sanitation services globally, driving innovation to scale water solutions, and advocating for effective water policy.

By harnessing the power of AI-driven solutions, Microsoft aims to fund leak identification efforts across MAS’s trunk mains networks, ultimately conserving vital water resources and fortifying community resilience against drought.

“The global volume of freshwater that is lost due to leaks, is estimated to be 346 million cubic metres per day, amounting to 30% of water system input volumes across the world,” said Eliza Roberts, Water Lead, Microsoft. “AI provides a tremendous opportunity to scale leak detection, and we’re excited by this project’s use of technology for responsible water management.”

Aganova’s expertise in in-line pipe condition assessment, combined with Microsoft’s global reach and technological prowess, positions the collaboration as a model to follow in the quest for water conservation and replenishment. Aganova’s AI-powered platforms, Nautilus and Nemo, are poised to revolutionize leak detection and repair strategies, as emphasized by Agustín Ramírez, Aganova’s CEO.

Marcos Barrera, Aganova’s COO, lauded MAS’s proactive engagement in embracing innovative solutions to address water loss challenges. He remarked, “MAS’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence serves as a beacon of inspiration for other utilities in Europe and globally. By embracing transformative partnerships, MAS exemplifies a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being.”

The success of the Microsoft-Aganova collaboration holds profound implications for the broader landscape of water management and conservation.

As stakeholders increasingly prioritize sustainability and climate resilience, initiatives like these are poised to set new standards for corporate leadership and environmental stewardship.

Source : Aganova

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